In my last post I made a lit of things to try and achieve before Christmas. This post is a quick follow up to report how I did on my “Top 5”.

  • Create another blog post showing how I got on with consolidating my lists
    • FAIL – I have made a list of future topics though.
  • Try to pick some “quick wins” to get this to 80
    • OKAY– I did some tasks and got the list down, but new tasks came in faster
  • Break down some big but important tasks, like taking control of my inboxes
    • SUCCESS – I used Mailstrom to motivate me to manage 40,000 emails down to a little over 1,000 (mostly receipts and software keys) by Christmas Eve. I’ll be writing another blog post on this shortly.
  • Create a resources page here
    • FAIL – I have made a list but I think that I need more success before recommending resources to my readers.
  • Plan my time until Christmas Day
    • OKAY– I did well and got there with deadlines met.
  • Bonus task: Review the course documents and make sure I have completed all of the steps to date!
    • OKAY– Although I do need to write more content (!) and start some YouTube videos and social media work.

So my next “public” goals;

  • Gather the list of tasks together. One thing I am learning is that the number of tasks is not necessarily relevant to the amount of time taken. I am now working on my list and in my calendar to plan time for tasks after estimating how long they might take. There are two skills there – getting the time allocation right, batching things up together, and dealing with the conflicts on my time and ebbs and flows of my work ethic – all good sources of materials for posts here, so watch this space!
  • I have started work on accumulating all of our family photographs in one place and, spurred on by Google telling me we were out of space on one account, migrated mostly to one place. I am searching for the best solution and additionally adding in the last remaining pictures from other folders and external drives. This will be a huge task but one that has played on my mind for some time.
  • Aligned with that, I will start to sort all of my documents and files.
    • Initially, I will make sure all are in the same account, trying hard to filter out some redundant items.
    • Time to look at the best way to file and sort items and establish some discipline with storage
    • I will also investigate a backup regime which works for both websites and cloud file storage (e.g. Google Drive and One Drive).
  • Following on from my success with managing emails, I will maintain a good regime of reading, filing, replying or deleting emails. I’ve got a post to write on this and also migration to a new email address.

That should keep me busy for the month of January. Please, check back for more accountability and productivity tips soon.

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