Making a List and Checking it Twice

So having decided that I needed to blog about productivity and being organised, I guess the next question is, where do I start?

I’m working through a course to help get a site up and running. I have done this quite a few times before but this is from a trusted mentor and is really in bite-sized chunks.

Starting in December, with everything going on (even in 2020 and our Covid Christmas) might seem crazy, but actually, life is ALWAYS busy, and I am always juggling time.

I’m going to try to share some tools I currently use, look at what else is out there, think about strategies that work for me. Hopefully, you will join me on this journey and let me know what works for you.

In another vein, I hope to use this blog to keep me accountable. Each time I purge my paper lists, spreadsheets and apps, I find I have completed quite a few things but that there is always just over 100 things on my list.

Currently, I am working on a spreadsheet which is now a couple of weeks old and has been unopened for 6 days. There are 99 tasks remaining, with some that need action now and others which are pipe-dreams. I completed 21 items and now need to review the whole lot, and the things in my head and on the notebooks, envelopes and in my inbox and refine.

I have always tended to keep a separate list for my day job – and that is much more fluid.

I guess that I respond to deadlines and procrastinate hugely in between crises. so here’s my “public” top 5 for this week;

  • Create another blog post showing how I got on with consolidating my lists
  • Try to pick some “quick wins” to get this to 80
  • Break down some big but important tasks, like taking control of my inboxes
  • Create a resources page here
  • Plan my time until Christmas Day
  • Bonus task: Review the course documents and make sure I have completed all of the steps to date!

That all sounds manageable, right?

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